Introducing ARCC - Asia Reserve Currency Coin

The Asia Reserve Currency Coin, ARCC, is a ‘crypto-reserve currency’ issued by the International Blockchain Monetary Reserve, ARCC is positioned solely as a “store of value” that is structured as a micro asset.’s understanding of financial inclusion is against the idea of taking the unbanked and making them ‘banked’ into a system which was not designed for the struggle they exist in. Rather, the focus is in creating a ‘micro asset’ which can be saved, freely earned, and that can increase in value regardless of the amount held without fees.

The Largest Micro Asset Network Across All Emerging Markets

Our mission is to create a decentralized distributed ”bottom-up” blockchain network for financial inclusion and growth.

Drive Economic Development

We are building the the largest “micro asset” network across all emerging markets to directly drive local economic development.

Distribute Wealth

Through the issuance of crypto-reserve currencies, combined with the adoption driven by our mechanism of Social Proof of Work, we provide the urban working poor a long term financial asset .

Make Impact

Our first objective is to create an environment of radical transparency for entrepreneurship and provide them a 'micro asset in ARCC that can effect the lives of nearly 90 million people in the urban populations of South East Asia.

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Private token sale to open Spring 2018